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God’s Power: Greater than terminal illness

*** This symbol indicates healings that have been medically verified.

*** Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis healed
For over 3 years, Terri's health declined. She had tightness in her chest and increased breathing problems. Terri was treated with antibiotics to no avail. Her health so deteriorated that some days t was nearly impossible to get out of bed. She was given a series of chest x-rays, a catscan and a Pulmonary Function Test. Teri was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), whose cause is unknown. There is no cure and the symptoms cannot be slowed down.
We prayed for Terri along with many others. She was waiting for a lung biopsy to determine the extent of the disease. When she went to a lung specialist to schedule the biopsy, he x-rayed her lungs again and gave her the Pulmonary Function Test a second time. After comparing the new x-rays with the old ones he said, "I have some good news for you. You don't have IPF."
Terri was confused and frustrated since she still felt really bad and planned to get a second opinion. The next day was half over before she realized she had not experienced the tightness in her chest, or pain, or shortness of breath at all. The following Saturday, she walked 3 miles! None of the symptoms remained! The following weekend she she took her grandson to the zoo and walked for four straight hours.
*** Brain tumor or mass disappears
Because of some chest pains, Paul, age 38, had some tests run. He had a rare reaction to the dye from the tests and his heart stopped. Shortly after Paul went into a seizure. The doctor felt he needed a neurological test and ordered an EEG. It showed that Paul had a brain tumor or some type of mass. They ordered another EEG and an MRI to be done. Before these tests were done, Paul came to our Sunday night service and we prayed for him along with many other people. Paul then had the other tests run that showed the tumor or mass had absolutely disappeared.
Tumor healed
Margaret, a department manager in a local store, suffered from a tumor on one side of her head causing deafness in one ear. She also had a very painful condition in her knee that required an operation to correct. She had come several times for prayer and didn't give up. Jesus healed her instantly during one of our night services. The tumor disappeared and Margaret began to hear perfectly in less than a moment. She also had great trouble getting up the stairs of our building that night, but at the age of 54 she left running and jumping where Jesus had healed her knee as well.

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