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God’s Power: Greater than any problem

*** This symbol indicates healings that have been medically verified.

Healed bowels
A word of knowledge came forth during our Sunday night service. "The Holy Spirit is healing someone's bowels." Toby knew it was an answer to prayer for his infant son Blake. The baby's bowels had not functioned correctly for weeks, leaving the infant in much pain. They had done everything the doctor had told them but nothing worked. The baby was in the nursery with his mother. After that world of knowledge the infant's bowels began to function normally from that moment on.
*** Female problems disappeared (inverted uterus, endometriosis, fibroid cyst)
Sherri, an assistant bank manager and mother of 2, had suffered with severe abdominal pain for months. Her doctor prescribed medications, but they did not work. Sherri was sent to a specialist. He diagnosed her with an inverted uterus, endometriosis, and a golf ball sized fibroid cyst. On Sunday night, Sept. 27 we prayed for her. Sherri never felt anymore pain. Later, when her doctor started the surgery, he found her uterus in place, no endometriosis and no golf ball sized cyst could be found.
Mental torment and insanity eradicated
April, a wife and mother, never felt so close to insanity in her life. She was slipping over the edge into total chaos. She felt all alone and afraid. April knew without God's intervention she would soon lose her sanity, children, husband, and life as she knew it. When she came up for prayer at one of our services, she was in such a condition that she couldn't even tell us what was wrong. As her friend started to explain the problem, April became aware of the presence of God surrounding her and all she could focus on was Jesus. Jesus set her free and gave April her sanity and her life back that night.
Abdominal pain healed
Bobbie, age 52, began having pain in her lower abdomen and it wouldn't go away. She went to 2 different doctors 4 different times. They did sonagrams and ultrasounds and nothing showed up. Bobbie was prescribed medications that would ease the pain for awhile but it would always return. We will never know the cause of her pain because Jesus healed her the night we prayed for her. (Sept. 1998)
Sleeping because Jesus healed insomnia
Laura, age 34, suffered from insomnia for years. Everything she tried failed to help the situation. Finally Laura just learned to live with it. Night after night she would lay awake for hours on end and then make herself function through the day. During a women's retreat we sponsored, she was called out of the audience to be prayed for. The speaker simply laid her hand on Laura and said, "You're healed." From that night forward Laura has slept fine.
No more wheelchair
Ed, age 37, had a severe leg injury for over 2 years. It confined him t his bed or a wheelchair the vast majority of the time. The pain was so excruciating that he had to take morphine. He had no hope for recovery -- humanly speaking. Jesus Christ perfectly and instantly healed this man one night and he no longer has so much as a limp.
Migraine headaches gone
Tammy, a college student age 23, had suffered with migraine headaches. She had been to the doctor for relief. Her doctor prescribed a couple of different medications to try to help Tammy. The only result was a reduction in the intensity of the pain, but the migraines remained. After months a friend began to intercede for her and Jesus healed Tammy of these debilitating migraine headaches. That was in 1996 and she hasn't had one since!
Bladder problems healed
Margaret, an artist and craftsperson, had been having trouble with her bladder. During a Sunday night service on Feb. 14, 1999, a word of knowledge came forth that the Holy Spirit was healing someone's bladder. Margaret knew it was for her and she saw the evidence -- she was miraculously healed that night of the bladder condition.
No more endometriosis
Simonette was in terrible pain from endometriosis. We had a time during one of our services when we ask for people with urgent prayer requests to stand so that others can pray for them. As this happened, Simonette sensed the Holy Spirit speak clearly in her mind: "Do you want to be healed?" She said, "Yes, Lord, I do want to be healed," and stood up. God miraculously healed her on that Sunday morning.
Freedom from Fear
For five months Rose suffered from severe panic attacks. Fear had so gripped her life that she couldn't drive her car. She was even too afraid to come out of her house tot check her mail by herself. The overwhelming fear would paralyze her to the point she would hyperventilate and just draw up into a ball. There was nothing she could do to help herself overcome this constant state of crippling fear. We prayed for Rose and Jesus set her free. What could have been a lifelong prison fell powerless out of Rose's life at the name of Jesus Christ.
Hernia is healed
In 1995 Pat fell on some ice causing a hernia. Not wanting to go through surgery to correct it she lived with the pain for almost 4 years. She came to us for prayer in March 1999 and asked God to heal her. Pat also asked Jesus to have her condition called out so she would know for sure that it was for her. That night, she heard the minister say, "The Holy Spirit is healing someone's hernia." She knew it was for her. Jesus miraculously healed her.

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