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God’s Power: Greater than Respiratory Problems

*** This symbol indicates healings that have been medically verified.

*** Deaf 13 month old receives new ear drums
Jackie, a young mother, was devastated. Her son had been to the doctors many times and they could find nothing wrong with him. But he was becoming increasingly unresponsive to her voice. At 13 months old another doctor discovered the problem. For 6 1/2 months an infection went undetected scaring both ear drums. A hearing test confirmed the worst. The little boy would be deaf his whole life -- the damage was too great. Jackie brought her deaf son to our Sunday night service. Jesus absolutely healed that little boy and within 2 weeks the miracle was medically confirmed. Jeremiah, the 13 month old, had a new set of ear drums and perfect hearing.
Healed of asthma
Barbara suffered from severe asthma from the time she was 13. She would offten miss two weeks of school at a time and ended up in an oxygen tent several times ayear. At 42, doctors had done all they could and told her she probably would not live to see her grandchildren. She began to see in the Bible that Jesus would not only save her from her hopeless state of sin, but save her from her hopeless state of sickness also. Barbara and her family prayed putting their trust in Jesus. She never had another asthma attack and now has 8 grandkids.
Chest congestion
57 year old Patricia's chest and lungs began to get congested from the flu. The congestion worsened until it was serious enough that many around her thought she might have pneumonia. Patricia came to our Sunday night service to be prayed for. One of the our pastors and some people on our prayer team prayed for Patricia. We'll never know whether it was pneumonia or not or what the doctor's report would have been because Jesus Christ miraculously and totally cleared her lungs that night.
*** Fluid build up gone before surgery
1 year old Lane had fluid build-up in his ears. The doctor told his parents that it would affect his hearing and speech. The operation would correct the situation. We prayed for Lane twice before the surgery. His parents made a special appointment with the doctor to have his ears checked one more time. and sure enough Jesus did what we asked. Lane was not going to have tubes put in his ears.
Ear infection healed
David, age 25, was plagued by an ear infection for months. Unable to afford medical treatment he unwisely put off going to the doctor. David feared the infection would cause serious damage to his hearing and in desperation cried out to God. For weeks, nothing change. One Sunday night at our service he quietly prayed, "God I'd love for you to heal me. Please do it." Moments later a word of knowledge came forth about God healing an ear infection. Immediately David felt the pain and pressure in his ears leave. He was instantly healed.

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