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God’s Power: Greater than Bone & Joint Pain

*** This symbol indicates healings that have been medically verified.

*** Baby's skull healed
Kim, a hair stylist, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Gabrielle. Unfortunately a compound facture occurred during delivery pressing part of the baby's skull bone against the brain. The doctors scheduled the only treatment available -- a catscan and surgery to repair the damage. Kim had her baby prayed for. The doctor called her the day before the surgery and told Kim that he couldn't explain why Gabrielle's skull had seemed to repair itself.
Running on a new knee
John, age 51, was attending our Sunday night service. He had surgery on his left knee the previous year because of torn cartilage and arthritis. His right knee now was acting the same way. The disabling, painful condition was taking its toll. A word of knowledge came forth during the service: "A leg is being healed." John asked the Lord, "Is that me?" Immediately it became more specific: "A knee is being healed." Faith soared in his heart and God's power ran through his knee. John took off running out of the sanctuary, down the stairs, and back up again. He ran up to the pulpit and testified to everyone. Jesus Christ had instantly healed John's knee. It's strange for a person to run through a service like that, but a real live miracle overwhelmed him.
Foot and ankle healed
21 year old Amy injured her ankle & foot. She had been attending our church and came in pain that Sunday night. Her condition was called out. Amy came up for prayer in much pain trusting God to do a miracle. We laid hands on Amy praying fervently for the injury to be healed. All at once Amy felt tension being released from her ankle and the pain that ran through her lower leg and foot. In addition, the swelling left!
*** Broken hand healed
Zach, 15 years old, crushed his hand while playing tug-of-war at our Church picnic on a Saturday afternoon. His mother took Zach to the emergency room where the x-ray showed three fractures -- one possibly needing surgery the doctor told him. That Sunday night we prayed for Zach at Trinity Chapel. The next day the orthopedic doctor x-rayed his hand again and two of the fractures were completely gone with the third detectable but in perfect alignment. Zach walked into that doctor's office with a cast on 2 days after breaking his hand in 3 places, and he walked out with no cast and no pain in the spiral fracture that remained. He immediately began playing the drums and doing all the things he could before the accident and has suffered nothing to this day.
Knee healed
Jan injured her knee. She limped in pain day after day as it showed no signs of improvement. She prayed repeatedly but nothing seemed to happen. Finally someone prayed for her at a small group meeting and Jan could immediately walk better and feel a difference. She soon totally recovered.
Torn tendons repaired
2 years ago Haden, an architect in Knoxville, tore the tendons in his elbow while throwing a curve ball to his son. He came to one of our Sunday night meetings. As a word of knowledge was being spoken concerning someone's elbow being healed, his elbow went numb. He began to press on the area where the tendons were torn and couldn't feel anything. The next day the numbness was gone and so was the pain.
Knee healed
Around Christmas 1998 Peggy, a credit manager, was working on her knees for an extended time. When she tried to get up her left knee locked up. Peggy was in tremendous pain. At our Sunday night service we prayed that God would heal people needing a miracle. Peggy began thanking Jesus for healing her. Because of the pain, Peggy never stood up during the service. She never came to the front for prayer. When she got up to leave there was absolutely no pain and she had full motion in her knee again.
Thigh and shoulder healed
Betsy, age 63, injured her thigh and shoulder in an accident. She said that the night we prayed she had been in pain, but she was "touched" and miraculously healed that night by Jesus Christ.

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