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God’s Power: Greater than Back and Arthritis Pain

*** This symbol indicates healings that have been medically verified.

Rheumatoid Arthritis healed
Candis was a normal happy child until one morning she awoke with her hips and knees terribly swollen and racked in pain. Overnight this family was thrown into a nightmare of the horrible possibility of an 8 year old little girl being crippled before their eyes. A specialist finally diagnosed her with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and said Candis had a 50% chance of being in a wheelchair within 6 months. Her parents asked for prayer. Candis cried through the night, unable to sleep because of the pain. We prayed. As the sun came up so did the power of Jesus Christ. Candis was healed that morning of an incurable disease. Last spring Candis walked normally across a stage with her graduating high school class.
Broken back healed
In 1988 Evan, age 42, broke his back. He was literally bed-ridden for 1 1/2 years. In 1992 he was still in severe pain and could not work in any capacity. Finally in '93 and '94, he had two surgeries that included bone grafts, plates and screws implanted in his back. Evan tried to start working again, but ended up back at square one. He came to a Sunday night service. The power of Jesus shot into his back. He bent over forward then backwards. Then he touched his toes. No pain!! What medical science could not do in 9 years, Jesus did in one night. Evan has worked for almost 2 years now.
No more back pains
Mona had back pain for years that consistently got worse. Mona's back hurt sitting down, standing, and even lying down for long periods. She took large doses of Ibuprofen, tried aerobics, and even wearing magnets. Her doctor finally sent her to therapy. All of these things eased the pain initially, but it progressively worsened to the point that Mona would wake up nightly crying in pain. She watched all the people getting prayer at our Sunday night services and finally got desperate enough to get prayer herself. Jesus healed Mona September 28, 1998 and today she still has no back problems.
Arthritis healed
Kathleen, age 84, had arthritis in her right knee, thigh, and hip. She had fallen several times, broken her ribs, and suffered black eyes and bruises all over from these falls. Finally, she was placed on a walker. On July 25, 1999 she was called out of the audience to be prayed for. She came up the isle slowly, leaning heavily on her walker. The power of God touched Kathleen. She was instantly healed and walked perfectly -- no walker, no arthritis.
Fibromyalgia, migraines, and depression healed
On November 7, 1999 Paula came to our Sunday night service. She had fibromyalgia. That night Jesus healed her. The next week she had her strength back and the symptoms of fibromyalgia could not be found in her life. Her story doesn't end there. She had suffered from migraine headaches for 17 years and depression for 14 years. She came back for prayer on Nov. 21 and sure enough Jesus wonderfully healed her. Paula came off of all the medications to control these sicknesses.
Chronic neck pain healed
Paul, a coach and gym teacher, was having chronic neck pain. At one of our services, we anointed him with oil and prayed for him. He came back the next week with the same pain because nothing had changed. Paul realized during the message that just going through a formula or ritual was no the answer, but that a living faith in Jesus was the answer. Jesus healed him right where he was sitting. In Paul's words, "...[the pastor's] message about standing on the Word of God for healing really shed new light on my faith. He reminded me of the scripture about about anointing with oil and laying hands on the sick in Jesus' name for their healing. Then I suddenly remembered that I had done this last week, but I wasn't standing in faith on any scripture promise. Therefore, I just claimed healing [based on the prayer prayed the previous week]. Once again God honored his Word in my life right in my seat."
Chronic back pain healed
Tammy, age 31, suffered from a life-long back problem. People who have healthy backs sometimes aren't aware of what those with chronic back pain go through. They live with the fear of twisting or bending the wrong way, picking something up the wrong way or just having their backs go out for no apparent reason. When these things happen, they suffer days or weeks with constant pain. Tammy asked us for prayer and Jesus healed her miraculously.
Neck & shoulder pain relieved
Bob, a 61 year old engineer, began to have neck and shoulder pain. He believed it was caused from sleeping the wrong way on a long plane flight back from Singapore. he thought the pain would cease but it didn't. It got worse to the point that the severe pain kept him from sleeping. Bob went to the doctor and was prescribed anti-inflamatory and pain pills. These medications helped him sleep but did little to help the pain. The power of God touched Bob in a wonderful way when we prayed. The next day the pain reduced considerably and over a few days was gone.
Tail bone healed
John, age 83, fell down landing on his tail bone. For weeks he suffered much pain. During one of our Sunday night services a word of knowledge came forth that a lower spine injury was being healed. John knew it was him, but the pain continued. For a few more days nothing changed in his condition, but John was sure that God touched him. The next morning He awoke with absolutely no pain. The night before John was in as much pain as ever, but in the morning he was completely healed.

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