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God’s Power: Greater than Addictions

*** This symbol indicates healings that have been medically verified.

Delivered from drug addiction
By the time Damien was 14, he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. It seemed like absolute freedom at first, but quickly turned into a horrible prison. Damien was powerless to break their control. he would go on binges for days and even weeks. He ended up in jail 8 or 9 times, lost everything he owned, was in a bad car wreck and almost died of drug overdoses. Finally, after being jailed again for DUI, Damien came to a Sunday night service. Jesus set him free of addictions to LSD, cocaine, alcohol and even cigarettes. After years of addictions, Damien went home a free man in one night -- no withdrawals, no desires. Damien has not so much as smoked 1 cigarette since August 1998.
Smoke free because of Jesus
Doug had been addicted to cigarettes. That may sound like a small thing, not even worthy of a miraculous testimony. But Doug had never gone 1 day without smoking in 45 years. He tried patches, gum, prescription drugs, a treatment program and a local hospital. Doug was even hypnotized twice to try to help him break his habit. We prayed that he would be set free from this addiction. That was over a year ago and Doug has never smoked one cigarette since that time.
Deliverance from mental torment
For 11 years, Timothy was tormented in his mind. He was addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, depression, and violence. Tim was abused and abusive. He heard voices in his head, had multiple personalities and never had a moment's peace. Night after night, year after year, he would lie awake tormented for hours until pure exhaustion forced him to sleep. Tim had lost control, lost his sanity, lost his future, and lost any hope of freedom. One Sunday night several months ago Jesus Christ set Tim free. He went home a free man and slept in peace for the first tie in years. He is no longer addicted to anything or tormented in his mind.
Healed from being bipolar and from addictions
Amy, age 18, was bipolar which means that she would swing between the most extreme moods. She would experience times of irrational manic behavior and then suddenly swing into severe depression. Amy's life was at times a nightmare and almost unbearable for her family. a life of drugs, counselors, and doctors could barely manage the problems this caused. Amy was forced to finally be placed on lithium twice a day which was her only hope for going to school and functioning at all. Jesus Christ healed her of that incurable lifelong mental illness and she no longer has to take the medication.
Delivered from drugs and sexual lust
William, age 28, was addicted to alcohol, cocaine, LSD, crack, and other drugs. He smoked 2 packs a day and was driven by sexual lust, hatred and anger. Many months ago someone brought him to our Sunday night service. William heard the gospel that Jesus sets people free. He surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. William was transformed that night and was instantly healed of all those addictions without any withdrawals.
46 years of smoking ended
JoAnn began smoking at 14 years old. For 46 years she was addicted. Her health began to diminish rapidly especially in her lungs which was evidenced by uncontrollable coughing. Although she wanted desperately to be free, she was hopelessly addicted and was powerless to do anything but watch the rest of her life be destroyed. JoAnn's daughter told her about Jesus setting people free from addictions and diseases when we prayed. Skeptical, JoAnn came to see for herself in June 1999. During the worship, she felt God's presence for the first time in many years. God melted her heart that night, healed her lungs and broke her addiction.
Delivered by God's love
Jeremy's life was in shambles. Although he had been raised in church, he turned from God. The devil literally destroyed his life. He became a drug addict and dealer. He was hooked on cocaine, crystal methane, acid, alcohol and just about every kind of pill. What he thought was freedom became a torturous prison. Finding his life destroyed and himself doing things he never thought that he would, he realized that he was powerless to help himself or change. He came to one of our Sunday night services and the Holy Spirit came on him. He began to weep uncontrollably because he realized that the God who he had abandoned had not abandoned him. Jesus set Jeremy free that night. In his own words, "I haven't smoked a cigarette or anything else since... [God] has turned my life around full circle."
Delivered from nicotine
At age 14 Karen took her first puff of a cigarette that led to 26 years of unbreakable addiction. Karen tried three times during those years to quit without any success. The night that we prayed for her, Jesus set her completely free.

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